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Attention! Cat's cage decorations can not cover the cat. Show visitors and show staff must easily preview the cats.

If you want to cancel cat registration to the show, you must do it till closing date for entries otherwise registration fee should be payed. You must send request to cancel your registration by e-mail info@bubaste.lt

About cat exposition during show:
1. According to 05.16.2008 LFA "Bubastė" board decision, personal cat cages are strongly prohibited. Allowed only own cages inserted into LFA "Bubastė" cages (not valid in BW 2017 show).

New: personaly cages alowed if registered in registration time. The personal cage must be at least 50x50 cemtimeters with minimum one transparent window (show visitors and show staff must easily preview the cats)
2. Under FIFe requirements:
    a) every cat place in cage must be at least 50x50 cemtimeters;
    b) cats can't be hidden or masked from visitors. To protect cat (or visitors) cage can be covered only with transparent sheet or other transparent material.

Information: info@bubaste.lt

 For Baltic winner show fees:
LFA "BUBASTĖ" bank account:

Company name                 Lietuvos felinologų draugija “Bubastė”

Company code         291359940

Bank account/IBAN: LT197300010002251375

Bank:                 Swedbank

Bank kode:        BIC-HABALT22